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In-Person Trainings

Board n Train Programe 

For training courses designed as in-person trainings, the trainer will visit your place to train your dog and the handler simultaneously depending on type course you opted for. It consists of a consultation session,  few  theoretical sessions and practical sessions in different scenarios and varied distraction across environments.
Further guidance will be given based on practice session's videos.
Specially designed board n train courses  for specific needs typically like behavior modification trainings. Behavioral  issues like aggression, nervousness lack of confidence, improper socialization etc. needs supervised efforts & needs to be monitored for dog's response and development.  It consists of a consultation session,  few  theoretical sessions and on board practical sessions in different scenarios. During handover to the client a detail guidance is given and progress will be monitored for few more weeks. videos.

Trainings offered by us


Training Courses

At The Barking Barn we conduct various training courses for your dogs as well as dog owners & dog enthusiast who wants to pursue their carrier as dog professional or want to learn it as hobbyist

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