The idea of The Barking Barn is based on providing our four-legged best friends with a happy and safe environment when their family is away.

Each dog receives long walks, lots of playtime, healthy and wholesome meals and hygienic kennels and most importantly- personalized care. 

The Barking Barn is set against a serene natural backdrop where a lot of emphases is given to the canine's interaction with nature. 

We also offer additional services like pick-up and drop service, baths, treats, etc. at an optimum rate so that your pet feels at home with us. 



For almost two decades of his professional life, Ninad worked in Sales and Marketing and Business Development at various companies like Dr. Beck, Roffe and Rehau Polymers.


However, since childhood, it had been his passion to live amidst nature and work in the countryside. 


Ninad, along with his wife Smita and daughter Samruddhi are avid nature lovers, doing activities ranging from hiking to bird watching. When they bought the small land where The Barking Barn has now been established, they never thought that they would build a dog boarding hostel there!


The idea came to them in the form of their three-month-old pet puppy Louis. Ninad brought Louis to their plot and Louis fell in love with the open space and the idyllic surroundings. 

Ninad realized that the land was perfect not only for camping and barbecues but also to start his own pet care and boarding service.


And that was how The Barking Barn was born!